An Exploration of the Possibilities for a combined Community Centre & Dementia care facility

“As part of the design process the social context plays a very important role for me. It is one of my strongest argumentation for choosing this site; in fact I think it is the only site with a true social context. For me the graduation studio, within the chair of Interiors, represents the only graduation studio where dealing with a social awareness is brought to focus. Architecture can have such an overwhelming impact on a community. We should use the tools we are given to create functional, supportive and beautiful spaces for vulnerable people, who would otherwise never encounter or experience such places. A standalone program, such as a dementia facility, is something that can have hard time surviving just on its own. The urban context would not benefit from a facility that would be faced inward and not interact with the community. Therefore the social context of my location will hopefully give me the chance to incorporate functions which will beneficial for both the dementia patients as well as the community the facility is based in. At the same time it will be interesting to see what kind of limitations or challenges the social context imposes.

The site of my design location lays within the lively inner city of Rotterdam. As part of the area Kralingen-Crooswijk, it sits just right of the inner city centre. Within the neighbourhood of Rubroek, the area closest to the centre, lays the Rubroek elderly home. The neighbourhood is bordered by the Crooswijksesingel in the north, the Boezemweg in the east, the Goudsesingel in the south and the Rotte in the west. My site is located to the north of Rubroek, along the beautiful Crooswijksesingel.”

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